Sokol is an all-terrain vehicle: snow, swamp, sand, mud, mountains, small rivers - it can handle it all.
This is a floating 4 wheeler, thanks to its low-pressure tires it can move on water at any depth. Control is only difficult in strong currents (Sokol is not a boat, but it floats). However, for increased speed of movement on the water, an electric boat motor is available as an additional option for purchase.
It doesn’t sink
Novosibirsk developers were the first to come up with and patent a quad bike of this kind that comes with such off-road capabilities.
There are similar products, but all of them are copies of Sokol, including those that are already mass-produced in large factories but under different names. A copy is nothing but a copy. The main inventor produces and improves Sokol specifically in Novosibirsk, which is documented and confirmed.
Generic products
With each passing day new workshops are appearing. The equipment is getting better, production and waiting times are getting shorter.
Production is growing
If we consider other vehicles, in the summer you can use a regular ATV, then you have to wait for a snowmobile. Sokol is not limited by the season. It is especially good in the off-season when no other vehicles can ride at all.
No seasonal restrictions
Everyone can master Sokol. Ignition, lighting, gas, brakes - that’s all of it. No confusion with buttons and modes.
Ease of handling
Despite its size, the steering is easy to handle thanks to power steering, allowing people of any build to drive it.
On the one hand, the construction is absolutely reliable. On the other hand, spare parts are always available everywhere; these are the most common consumables for Russian and Japanese cars.
Maximum ease of maintenance. There is no need to use specialized services for oil changes since the engine is from Toyota and the oil change can be done at any service center.
The fundamental difference from regular ATVs is that Sokol is equipped with an automotive engine, which operates almost silently, making it crucial for hunters and comfortable for everyone.
Quiet operation
In comparison with closed-type all-terrain vehicles (with a cabin), an open ATV like Sokol provides greater visibility and mobility.
Its lighter weight due to the absence of doors and a roof improves maneuverability and positive buoyancy.
Lightness of weight
Sokol 1,5 weights 730 kg, Sokol PRO weights 1000 kg
It can accommodate 3 people sitting in winter clothing, plus 2 standing on the footrests.